Information about chains

Information about chains

All our chain is commercial chain and has a recommended working load (shown in the product description). It is important to note that  our chain is not load tested, and these figures are provided by our suppliers as a general guide. These chains are suitable for many applications from hanging signs and lights to connecting boat anchors. Non of the chains are intended for using with hoists, lifting or for towing and should not be used for those purposes.

Types of Chain finish.

Hot Dip Galvanized
This finish is a coating applied to chain after manufacture in a liquid form, which is able to cover every facet of the chain. This type of finish is very durable and its long life makes it ideal for outside applications even in coastal areas. It generally has a dull and slightly uneven surface. It is very resista
nt to rust. (For chain to be submersed in sea water we recommend Type 316 stainless steel).

Bright Zinc Plated
etimes abbreviated to BZP, this process adds a zinc finish to chain to protect against rust. The finish is around 10 times thinner that that of Hot Dip Galvanized and so will not have the same outdoor life expectancy. However this chain is very popular for many indoor applications especially with its smooth bright finish.

Black Plated Chain
This has been electro-plated leaving a smooth hard shiny black finish. Very popular and looks very good cosmetically for certain applications.

Stainless Steel Chain
This has great durability for most applications. We supply type 316 stainless. Sometimes called "marine stainless steel" it will resist rust in costal areas, and is ideal for anchor chain.

Hardened Boron Alloy Chain
A very tough alloy chain, which is extremely difficult to cut.
Uses include securing garden tools (6mm) Cycles (6mm & 8mm), Motorcycles (10mm &13mm), Caravans, plant and machinery (13mm),  May be required by insurance companies for certain situations.

How Chain is measured  Understanding Sizes